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How To Quickly and Easily Launch A Podcast That Gets Clients 
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The Best Strategy For 2020 Is Doubling Down On Attracting Business And Building A Personal Brand
Do YOU understand the difference between “Chasing vs. Attracting Business”? 

Everyday your database is either appreciating or depreciating. It’s value is in direct proportion to your relationship. 

Regardless of how many new leads, past clients, or the size of your market. 

Building a relationship with your audience starts with communication. 

Attracting business, starts with getting strangers to know, like, and trust you. 

Putting content in the marketplace that educates them, HELPING them make decisions, positions you as an expert
Build An Audience That Pays You With Attention
With social media and a cell phone I built an engaged audience of over 100,000 agents. 
How did I do it?

Producing, Publishing, and Promoting valuable content!

You don't have to start with a "big-name" or a big business to do it either!
Like a Nate Angles, a newer agent working part-time who had just transitioned to full-time.

He wanted to start a podcast to attract real estate agents, but he was worried about being newer to the business

He asked, "How could I launch a podcast for agents, I just went full-time?"

Do you know how many agents are trying to make the jump from part-time to full-time? 

We helped Nate get started and he launched the Part Time To Full Time Real Estate Agent Podcast

He learned how to produce, publish and promote valuable content...

Now he has a thriving real estate business and a digital marketing agency for fitness professionals.  
Here are a few FACTS you should consider:
Google announced that it’s going to start showing podcast episodes in search.

In 2020, they are transcribing every episode and indexing them!

When people are doing their research, they will now FIND you... or your competitors.

Right now, you have a huge opportunity to rank on Google.

PRIME search engine real estate is up for grabs.

It happened when google acquired youtube and video become a part of the first page search results.

It's happening again, right now, with podcasts. 
Don’t think you will ever have a podcast?

Don’t make the mistake thinking this has nothing nothing to do with you. 

So let me break this down

The average podcast listener “SUBSCRIBES” to not 3 or 4, or 5, rather SIX shows. 

With smart speakers, smart phones, and smart consumers, it will become easier and easier to get the attention of your marketplace. 
Most agents have no strategy
They honestly think they need more seller leads or more buyer leads.

They compete for 3% of the market that have no clue who they are. 

Let’s face it ,their marketing dollars have ADD. 

Advertising Desperately Disorder.

Which is why they won’t see this opportunity. 

While their focused on leads...

What they actually need is easier to get than ever...
MARK my words! 

The agents with the most “Subscribers” will build a real business that employs other agents. 

The question is:

HOW DO YOU BUILD a list of loyal “Subscribers”?



We're going to help you in a brand new 4 week class...

We call this system:
This is the clarity you need to know exactly what to do, and when to do it. 

Here’s the deal I’m going to make you...
With Your Enrollment in Podcast President, here’s what you will be getting For Free:
Week 1: Branding & Positioning
Your going to learn how to Produce a podcast that your target market wants to listen to, so you know exactly what topics will attract the perfect subscriber

Week one is all about Branding and Positioning.

You'll know how to Create A Show-Stopper Brand That Calls Out Your Audience Like A Dog Whistle. 

Identify your Target Audience, so you can know exactly what to say on each episode to build a loyal list of subscribers. 

We are going to teach you a process for Competitor Research that will help position your show that it attracts your competitors subscribers. 

Learn the Core Story Canvas system for organizing your stories, so you can create your core episodes that help your listeners and bond with them.

You'll pick a Show Format that aligns with your goals. 

You'll learn the best way to name your podcast so you actually build your brand and your audience who become raving fans and help you leverage word of mouth marketing. 

The single most important thing about any podcast is the Intro and Outro. We are going to get you a framework that helps you create a trailer that makes new listeners want to hear more. 

Take advantage of the right Visual Design for your podcast, so you can tap into of the HOLY GRAIL of marketing...... Organic Traffic. A picture is worth a thousand word. Learn why this is the most important thing and how to not overcomplicate it. 

Launching a podcast is a FRAMEWORK for building your Brand. Your going to get our Asset Checklist so you can have continuity across all platforms.  You'll get the type of impressions that win mindshare that turns into market share.
Week 2: The Easy Way to Get Setup
No matter what type of podcast you launch, learn how to easily produce each episode without any tech overwhelm.

Don’t over think the Equipment you need to get started. 

Learn how to produce your show NOW without having to purchasing anything. 

Avoid overthinking what's required for recording, editing, syndicating, and hosting. 

We are going to teach you an easy way to be everywhere from google play, itunes, and spotify within minutes with a push button methodology for publishing each episode. 

Week 3: Promotion
We are going to teach you how to promote each episode, so you build your audicance FAST

Learn how to LEVERAGE YouTube, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Facebook to turn strangers into subscribers. 

Nurture unconverted leads and website visitors into clients that are predisposed to doing business with you. 
Week 4: Monetization
Learn how to monetize your podcast so you can actually move the needle. 

A podcast should put strangers into a sales process that create qualified opportunities for you to grow your business. 

We are going to show you how we turn EVERY episode into a system for GROWING your business. 
How To Get Podcast President For FREE!
This FOUR week class never been taught before... 

Keep in mind we're giving you the SAME EXACT THING those who pay us $30,000 to walk them through this get…

And there are only a handful of folks that’ve gotten ALL this information and ALL the tools you need. 

Up until this point, the only way to get access to this information was to pay $30,000 AND get a private invite from me. 

You get Podcast President 100% FREE, with your investment in our Inner Circle Coaching Program for ONLY $197 per month. 

That’s less than 1% the price others have paid for the same thing.

But today you can get started for FREE

Take 15 days, get all our funnels, all our training, all our coaching calls, completely RISK FREE.

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Take a second to really think about this…

Rather than looking at how much it costs, how much do you think this would be worth to you? 

If ALL this did was to help you get loyal subscribers and create offers they crave… would it be worth it? 


If ALL this did was to add one extra buyer or seller each year, then each month, then week… would it be worth it?
Imagine Waking Up To This...
This is EXACTLY what you’ll see when you get a marketing funnel working for you...

Marketing's job is simply to put somebody into your sales process.

The way that we do that TODAY has changed. 

Social media, video, funnels and the internet have had a huge impact, and have changed people's businesses entirely, literally in almost overnight.
What used to take an agent five years to build can be done in in six months!

On the other hand, agents that refuse to change are struggling and it will only get worse for them...
What I Discovered In 2019...
I toured North America all 2019 and part of last year. 

I got in front of almost 10,000 real estate professionals...

In every city, I would have dinner with some of the top agents in those markets, and I'd get to find out what the rock in the shoe was. 

What's the thing that kept them up at night? 

What are the changes that they've seen?

They're answers were consistently the same.

They all wanted help with one thing... Marketing.

They wanted somebody to help them... somebody to reach out to know what to do and how to do it..

Chances are, you feel the same way.
Just Use Proven Marketing Campaigns And Funnels That Work...
Which is why I partnered with one of the smartest marketers I've ever had the opportunity to work with, Woods Davis...

And we put together all our top converting campaigns, funnels, ads, scripts, templates, strategies and training, and we started coaching agents to use this marketing arsenal to dominate their markets.
It's called the Dominant Real Estate Agent Inner Circle.

Today we're going to let you join this community of agents across North America that have been growing their businesses exponentially.
Like a Kayla Meneses who shared her story with us last week...

Kayla wanted to generate an additional $23,990 in commissions in less than to two months to help her with a cross-country move...

She leverage one of our FREE marketing strategies on Facebook to get the closings she needed to move. 

Now she's in her dream location, taking her business to the next level. 

All from one of the things that we're going to show you when you get access to our Inner Circle. 
Nate Robinson said this time last year he was struggling. 

He didn't know what he was going to do in the month of December (which can be one of your best months when you have a plan)...

After implementing the training and doing exactly what we coached him to do, his business grew fast! 

In his first five months he did more transactions than his entire previous year. 

Today we want to get you access to that information.
You get an entire year of Inner Circle coaching including:
  • Get Money Now Campaigns: Our best proven marketing campaigns every month.  You get all the landing pages, ads, emails, copy, text messages, scripts, follow up sequences. ($197/mo. Value)
  • Funnel Hacker Club: Our best proven funnels and website templates that we push right into your account so you can customize them start generating leads and clients. ($197/mo. Value) 
  • Funnel Fridays:  Review our six and seven figure funnels, ad campaigns and marketing experiments, so we can and help you setup and optimize your marketing to get similar results. ($197/mo. Value) 
  • ​Live Coaching Calls: Every other week get clarity on your next steps and get all your questions answered live. ($197/mo. Value) 
  • BONUS #1 - Seller Survey Siphon: A funnel that I used to make millions of dollars from seller leads... ESPECIALLY this time of year! ($197 Value) 
  • BONUS #2 - FSBO Force Multiplier: This campaign with postcards, scripts, slybroadcast voicemails, and videos helped me dominate FSBO's and it helped Derek Ragan get his first listing, $950,000, in his first week! ($297 Value) 
  • BONUS #3 - "They Call You" Expired Postcard System: This helped me list 368 homes in my best year. Not REO, Foreclosures...Traditional listings! Marketing to strangers in my community that raised their hand for me to call them or they called me to list their home. ($297 Value)
You’ve got two options, at this point. 

You can figure this out on your own, which is the fastest way to stay stagnant and NOT grow…

Or, you can start leveraging the absolute GOLD inside our training, following our own proven system we personally use to grow to 8-figures, pick our brains on the group coaching sessions, plus get whisked into the community of like-minded entrepreneurs. 

Make the change you know you need for once, can't wait to see you inside!
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